I am selfless
I am selfish
I am anything that I want to be.

themaineleah said to the queen: You're welcome, aw and I can just say your URL is adorable, omfg. And thank you! PRETZELPAT. THAT IS SO CUTE.

Haha thank you!! Oh man, the story behind it is SO great! The last time The Maine came to Nashville it was after the show, and my friends and I were waiting to talk to Pat. We were standing behind him and my friend Stephanie started to talk about how good a soft pretzel sounded at that moment, so we all started talking about it. And Pat turns around and we had probably a ten minute conversation about soft pretzels with him. It was hilarious.

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The Maine + Run

The Maine + Run

themaineleah said to the queen: Your photo with Kenny is so precious, I wanna sob.

Oh my goodness, thank you!! :)

I like your Warped picture!!! 

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i feel a deep spiritual connection with john’s death stare in this music video

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Pull your phone out of your pockets and smash it on the fucking floor.

The Maine - Music Videos

but he's not welcome here anymore


my background


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